Meet Red

Getting glasses can be scary. Not only for you but for your child. Red is a carefree school aged bird who like all kids is trying to figure out this thing called life and these new things called glasses. Red helps to make glasses fun and provides a positive experience so that you and your child can worry less and play more.

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Follow red as he discovers he needs glasses at a pivotal time in his life – sports try-outs. Find out what happens in this cute story of overcoming your fears, learning to take chances, and navigating his very first pair of glasses. Red’s big day is available as an animated story on our website and coming soon you will be able to purchase your own copy of the book. Your child will love to read along with Red as he navigates his very first pair of glasses.

A Free Mobile Game for Kids and Adults!

Guide Red the Bespectacled Bird through a series of increasingly challenging obstacles and enemies. Break open Bird Eggs to gain valuable power-ups, such as Laser Specs and Demo Goggles. But watch out! Some Bird Eggs contain nefarious power-downs like Bad Weather or the dreaded Topsy-Turvy! Get Bird Bucks by flying through rings and by picking up Vision Multiplier goggles. Spend your hard-earned Bird Bucks on power upgrades or new clothes for Red! For both kids and parents. No in-app purchases.
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