eyewear features

IntelliFlex™ Multi-Action Spring Hinge

Designed with the ability to flex both vertically and horizontally, the IntelliFlex™ hinge can “spring” back to its original adjustment, offering unique flexibility and greater durability to Dilli Dalli frames. The IntelliFlex™ hinge makes it easier for your little one to handle their frames on their own without causing too much stress to the glasses (or you)! No need to worry about little fingers getting pinched and there are no small screws to fall out. Standard on all Dilli Dalli frames the IntelliFlex™ hinge makes for long-lasting, functional frames that are ready for the adventures of childhood.

SoftTouch™ Material

SoftTouch™ is a proprietary, specially designed material that meets all CPSIA and Prop 65 standards for children’s products. This material feels soft against the face and is durable, strong, impact and crack resistant, and uses no screws or removable parts. Designed to give extra comfort, wearability, and adjustability for very young patients, these frames are worry free – they have no sharp edges or hinges that may pinch or scratch a very young child. All temples (frame arms) in the Dilli Dalli collection are made with SoftTouch™ material, even the frames with metal fronts.

Metal Collection

Ready for a more grown up metal look, but worried about saftey? We developed an innovative system that combines a metal front with our SoftTouch™ temple. Now you can have the metal look with the safety and comfort of our SoftTouch™ frames. These styles also have an adjustable nose pad for extra comfort and personal fit. Best of all, there is no need to worry about little fingers getting pinched and there are no small screws to fall out.

Safety Straps & Ear Locks:

Wondering how your active little one will keep their glasses from slipping down their nose or even prevent them from falling off their face? Each Dilli Dalli frame comes standard with a matching breakaway safety strap in 2 sizes. Ear locks are an alternative to wearing the strap and secure the frames around the ear. Visit our accessories page to learn more.

While Dilli Dalli is designed with safety in mind, it's made for daily wear. We recognize that children lead active lifestyles. Dilli Dalli is not certified for impact sports. If your child participates in sports, safety is our biggest concern. Please consult with your eye care professional to ensure your child has the proper impact-resistant eyewear for the activities they're involved in.

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