Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service

I used the dealer locator, and I can’t find any Dilli Dalli sellers by me, what now?

How to a return an item?

Can I buy Dilli Dalli online?

Is Dilli Dalli sold outside of the US?

Should Dilli Dalli eyewear be worn while playing sports?

How To

How to change out straps.

How to attach Dilli Dalli ear locks.


Can I heat my child’s frame?

Will the lenses pop out?

What do I do if the lenses are loose or do pop out?

How do I clean my Dilli Dalli frames?


Warranty Information


How do I enter my child into the #DilliDalliKids photo contest?

Reviews & Imagery

Where can I find more pictures of children wearing your frames?

I love my child’s Dilli Dalli frames! Can I leave you a review?


Do Dilli Dalli frames support the development of infants and young children?

How do I choose the correct size glasses for my child?

My child has high cheeks and the frames sit on them. What can I do to keep the frames off his cheeks and not leave marks or cause foggy lenses?

My Dilli Dalli frames are always sliding down my child’s nose, what can I do?

The temples are too long for my child. What can I do?

How do I know what size Dilli Dalli frame my child should be wearing?


Is there latex in Dilli Dalli frames?