Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service

I used the dealer locator, and I can’t find any Dilli Dalli sellers by me, what now?

How to a return an item?

Can I buy Dilli Dalli online?

Is Dilli Dalli sold outside of the US?

How To

How to change out straps.

How to attach Dilli Dalli ear locks.


Can I heat my child’s frame?

Will the lenses pop out?

What do I do if the lenses are loose or do pop out?

How do I clean my Dilli Dalli frames?


Warranty Information


How do I enter my child into the #DilliDalliKids photo contest?

Reviews & Imagery

Where can I find more pictures of children wearing your frames?

I love my child’s Dilli Dalli frames! Can I leave you a review?


Do Dilli Dalli frames support the development of infants and young children?

How do I choose the correct size glasses for my child?

My child has high cheeks and the frames sit on them. What can I do to keep the frames off his cheeks and not leave marks or cause foggy lenses?

My Dilli Dalli frames are always sliding down my child’s nose, what can I do?

The temples are too long for my child. What can I do?

How do I know what size Dilli Dalli frame my child should be wearing?


Is there latex in Dilli Dalli frames?