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Precise fit for little faces


Creating comfortable frames is one of our top priorities


No sharp edges or loose parts


Expanded size range from newborn to big kids

intelliFlex multi- action spring hinge

Designed with the ability to flex both vertically and horizontally, the IntelliFlex hinge can “spring” back to its original adjustment, offering unique flexibility and greater durability to Dilli Dalli frames. The result is safe, functional eyewear with less need for replacement of broken temples.

Color, Color and More Color

The Dill Dalli collection runs the rainbow of options including new bright and bold colors like Orange Mango, Red, Pink Glitter and by popular demand, White.

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"We love our Dilli Dalli frames! When my son was just 20 months old, he was diagnosed with amblyopia and a dramatic prescription difference between both eyes. He needed glasses. It was important to us that he get frames that were safe and life-proof, but also that looked good. We were introduced to Dilli Dalli and we haven't looked back since! We love the variety of styles and colors, the durability of the frames, and the focus on proper fit and function for young children that Dilli Dalli has for each pair. We've purchased several frames over the year and the quality has never waivered - even through the toddler years! I recommend Dilli Dalli to every parent of young children in need of glasses."

- Karly Shorter

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ear locks

Helps keep glasses in place. A great alternative to a strap.

nylon band

Breakaway safety straps help keep frames in place.

tee shirts

Dilli Dalli character tee featuring our mascot Red and his friends. Now available!

cotton masks

Find the comfort and safety pledged by Dilli Dalli in a soft, washable, face mask.

ear locks

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"They don’t have an actual hinge on them so they’re completely flexible"

"This Cupcake style looks as cute as it sounds and even comes with a colorful strap."
"The innovative IntelliFlex technology used by Dilli Dalli allows glasses to flex both vertically and horizontally so when our LOs twist them off their faces, they spring back into shape"
“Fast, easy, convenient and great quality glasses”

"My fears melted away when we put them on. His face completely LIT up! He was seeing us for the first time, and he couldn’t get enough. He was so happy and you could see how his little world came to life after 4 months of a big blur."

"Ready for Playtime. …flared nosepads to provide a superior, comfortable fit for very young children whose bridges are not yet fully developed."

"These frames are great for high-power lenses. The temples are still very bendable on them. The only downside is that they don’t come in very many sizes."

"A great gift for kids."