Introducing NEW Style Truffles in Honor of Truffles the Kitty

The most complete kids’ collection just got bigger, with new translucent styles Bubbles and Truffles! Comprised of TR-90 material, Dilli Dalli’s Transcalent styles provide the same durability and flexibility as our soft touch models while providing the perfect medium for translucent colorations. Truffles and Bubbles offer a more mature look for kids looking to move on from our Dilli Dalli’s classic soft touch styles and are currently available in sizes 45, 46, 47, and 48.  

Dilli Dalli Eyewear's new kids styles, Bubbles & Truffles in various colors

Our featured style, Truffles, is appropriately named after everyone’s favorite glasses loving cat, Truffles the Kitty! Truffles and her mom, Dr. Danielle Crull, work with children on and off social media to ensure they’re comfortable and confident in their frames. Truffles loves to wear all her spectacular eyewear styles around her practice, A Child's Eye (including several pairs of Dilli Dalli frames) to show kids that frames can be fun and fashionable! Truffles' dedication to helping children inspired us to name our newest style, Truffles, in her honor, and we're glad we decided to make it in her favorite color, Lemon, to perfectly match her eyes! 

Truffles the Kitty in Dilli Dalli frame Truffles in Lemon Yellow

Check out our new styles Truffles & Bubbles in our catalog and visit our store locator to find your local Dilli Dalli retailer to purchase! 

Follow @Truffles_the_Kitty on social media today for tips on kids glasses and for positive eyewear content!    

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Introducing our newest additions to the Dilli Dalli Frame Family! Let us know your favorite style in the comments and tell us what you'd like to see in our next release. If you need any assistance with your child's Dilli Dalli frames or have any questions, please reach out to us at or direct message us on social media!